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One Week in the Library (OGN)

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"Kaleidoscopic and hallucinogenic."  —Publishers Weekly

"An utterly unique reading experience."  —Comicosity

"Comics will never be the same again."  —Bleedingcool

Welcome to the Library. It's here that every story ever written is catalogued and monitored by a single man, who's begun to notice something strange: the books are rebelling.  

Image Comics proudly presents this experimental graphic novella from writer W. Maxwell Prince and artist John Amor, which recounts a troublesome week in the Library via seven short stories—one for each day—that use comics, infographics, prose, and poetry to play with the graphic medium and explore the multivalent world of living narrative.

Art by John Amor and Kathryn Layno.  Cover by Frazer Irving. 96 pages, published December 2016.

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